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Ljubljana OPEN

Final matches will be live broadcasted and can be visible on This Sunday, 15. june 2014 on stadium Stožice.
Interview with coach U12, Sturm Graz, Mr Christain Lang
FC STURM GRAZ is always finding good reasons to attend the Ljubljana Open tournament as they like to play against strong teams.
Interview with coach GNK Dinamo Zagreb 22.05.2014
Mr Ugo Klingor is moving lines in the development of a youth academy GNK Dinamo Zagreb.
Tournament Ljubljana Open is a great opportunity for GNK Dinamo Zagreb. We are hardly waiting for the starting of the tournament.
Mr David Gardiner, Head of Foundation in Bolton Wanderers said that Ljubljana Open is more then a football game. 15.04.2014
Interview with David Gardiner - Head of Foundation Bolton Wanderers Football club
Interview with Mr David Gardiner, Head of Foundation is about Academy programme which they have in Bolton Wanderers Football club. Mr Gardiner said that Ljubljana Open is more then a Football event, it is also a great Social and team-building exercise for clubs.
Message to the fans Ljubljana Open 20.03.2014
Interview with coach U12 Mr Dejan Grabic
The Ljubljana Open is always a great spectacle with great energy and vibe around it. There are many accompanying events taking place and everyone should find their own piece of fun. You can find a touch of other cultures, a lot of food and drink and smiling people.


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AŠK Bravo - ND Črnuče
Odigrane tekme
U15 20.09.14 NK Noga Britof - Nk Bravo Publikum 0:3
U13 20.09.14 Komenda - Nk Bravo B 0:8
U13 20.09.14 Nk Krka Šentjernej - Nk Bravo A 2:0
U11 19.09.14 Nk Radomlje - Nk Bravo Publikum
1:1, 2:2, 5:0, 0:5
U17 14.09.14 NK Ivančna Gorica (Bravo B) - NK Dob 2:2
U10 14.09.14 Turnirček sk. 3 - NK Bravo B - Prestavlejno
U19 13.09.14 NK Olimpija - NK Bravo 1:6
U14 13.09.14 NK Bravo - NK Olimpija ODPOVEDNO!
U12 13.09.14 NK Šentjernej - NK Bravo A - Prestavlejno
U12 13.09.14 NK Interblock - NK Bravo B 1:2
U9 06.09.14 Turnirček sk. 9 - NK Bravo -2Z, 1P
Naslednje tekme
U13 18.09.14 NK Komenda-NK Bravo B
U13 18.09.14 NK Tenetiše-NK Bravo A
U12 18.09.14 NK Bravo B-NK Ihan Domžale
U12 18.09.14 NK Interblock-NK Bravo A
U15 19.09.14 NOGA Britof-NK Bravo
U11 19.09.14 NK Radomlje-NK Bravo
U14 20.09.14 Slovenska Bistrica-NK Bravo
U10 20.09.14 Turnirček sk. 1-NK Dragomer
U9 20.09.14 Turnir Slovenska Bistrica-NK Bravo
U17 21.09.14 ND Slovan-NK Bravo B